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Welcome to Poetry For The Journey

Official Website of David Stanley Bell, Poet & Author


Welcome to the home of David Stanley Bell, author of passionate, Inspirational Spiritual , Passionate & Romantic Poetry, wisdom quotes & inspirational stories, as well as spiritual articles for self reflection and soul growth.

Dream Walker
My spiritual poems are powerful expressions of love, sadness, joy and ecstasy, where Sensual delights and spiritual warmth walk hand in hand along the path to experience the moment. The moment is our gift, our present, our window in time to manifest with all the power we share with our Creator.

Living Authentically - The Spiritual Path to Self Empowerment

Most of us live an almost schizophrenic dichotomy. Split between what we want to do and what we should do, who we are at home and who we are at work, what we want to be and how we really behave, the direction set by our mind and that set by our heart. I know because I've been stuck there before.

There is a way to live with passion and purpose, to reclaim our soul, to break down the walls that keep us separated from our true selves, to feel and express the shades and subtleties we may have never known existed. It is the life of Authentic Power and being in alignment with your soul, it is the life of forgiving, releasing, affirming, rejoicing, believing and manifesting into reality the fruits of these feelings and beliefs.

Through this website, I share with you my lessons, my pain and mistakes, my joys and my epiphanies experienced on my journey toward wholeness.  May you be inspired and empowered by these sharings.


Spiritual & Romantic Poetry...

In my Inspirational Poetry section I bare my heart and soul to share the tragedies and triumphs of my life that led me to the awareness and the courage to follow the path of living passionately. My poems come from deep in my heart where no secrets can hide and from a place that spans the limitlessness of time and space. We all have all aspects of humanity with us and we all are one, so in many ways, my stories are your stories. When you read, we share.
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Spiritual Articles & Newsletter...

My and Newsletters and Articles For Spiritual Enlightenment provide wisdom, understanding and experiences to help awaken you to a journey that leads to your personal truth, for those searching for new meanings and new discoveries, and those who desire to simplify their existence to the most basic elements.  My writings come from the heart and a desire to help others overcome their own suffering, to open up, express and be their glorious true selves.
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     - Knowing And Embracing Ambiguity

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Spiritual Wisdom...

In my Spiritual Wisdom section, I share thoughts and lessons from some famous and some not-so-famous people. You can see what has inspired me along with some of my own thoughts that have inspired me to write and share with you.
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About David Stanley Bell...

I am an author, poet and musician, with a passionate love for nature. 
My kids and I love the mountains. I like to hike but Love to snowboard. There is inspiration to be read and mountains to be shread! I share what I'm all about, where I've been and where I am right now.
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Foreplay to Afterglow for the SoulForeplay to Afterglow for the Soul
A spiritual journey of life observations, life lessons. Experiences expressed through passionate poetry. The poems touch the heart and soul, and have all the healing of Chicken Soup For The Soul, but with a little extra 'spice'.   More...

Love Across Miles, Dreams Come TrueLove Across Miles, Dreams Come True
Poetic diary of shared dreams and magical moments during a time of budding love between two people who live in different countries, searching beyond their borders to find someone to share a mystical depth of heart and soul.   More...

Ill Gotten Booty, Swamp Boogie QueenIll Gotten Booty by
Swamp Boogie Queen

Listen to sample tracks & purchase my band's CD from the days when music was the guiding force in my life. More...

Passionate Living Newsletter
David shares his thoughts and learnings on the passionate path, along with enlightening articles to facilitate inner reflection and personal growth.


  My Thoughts On Living Passionately  

Musicians are familiar with the following sayings: "The first take is the best one", and "if you think, you stink." The sweetest music happens when we quiet the thoughts in our minds and let the music flow through us. Spirit works through us all in the same way. All we need to know, we were born with access inside of us. From the time we were very young, we were taught the habit of looking outside of ourselves rather than looking to this infinite source within.   Things get clogged up and we get frustrated when our creativity and truth is not flowing freely in our lives. I want to help you break out of all that binds you so you may flow freely, and let more beautiful music flow through you, whatever your 'music' is.

Pele RisingThe passionate path is a spiritual path because it is our true nature to enjoy the miracles of each moment. The bottlenecks for joyfully flowing with the moment are our beliefs, expectations and our second guessing; our worrying over the right decision and what other people will think of us. John Lennon understood this when he wrote "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

Our expectations and beliefs are like the blinders on a carriage horse, they filter out seeing all possibilities and narrow our viewpoints. When we indulge in second guessing, our thoughts become a noisy barrage that blocks out the inner voice of truth within.

We all need to take the time to let our inner child play and creatively express. Embrace the joy of life because feeling joy brings more joy. Walk the path in balance, peace and joy. Others may be experts, but you are your authority. Serve all, but be a servant to none.
Follow your heart.

An Eagles song says "So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key." Only the one in chains can turn the key. The purpose of my life is to help people find their key. In this we realize that we are not humans that occasionally have spiritual experiences, instead we are spiritual beings having human experiences.

When we realize this and live this, we bridge the gap between heaven and earth.



Thank You for visiting my website.
I wish you all lives filled with love and all that is passionate and romantic.
May your path be a joyous and spiritual one, the red road to your true self.

David Stanley Bell


Mother Nature New Heed the Call of the Wild

Beyond the safety of the intellect,
beyond the judgment of the labels we apply
and the roles we play,
beyond the limiting beliefs that create our reality,
is truth, in the whisper of the wind,
in the song of the birds, in the dawn of a new day,
forever in our own hearts.
When the thought in our minds is the song in our heart,
we will see what we believe.

Mitakuye Oyasin & Namaste
Honor everyone's journey

 © David Stanley Bell
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Artwork on this page - © Jim Warren & Daniel Holman

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