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Sample Poetry from Foreplay to Afterglow for the Soul


Below is a small selection of inspirational and passionate poetry from my poetry book, Foreplay to Afterglow for the Soul, a collection of poetic expressions of life experiences, lessons, & observations in love.

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Child in You 
Sacred Memory 
Look in your eyes


Child in You

Oh beautiful Girl
playful, sassy
let me run with you
through the towering pines
our cares, forsaken amidst our footprints
let me dance with you
among the flowers
we will spin and float
in dizzy flight
with the hummingbirds
and butterflies
we will sing
and laugh
until our breath is gone
we tumble and roll
down the gentle grassy hills
we swim and splash
in cool clear rivers
then we rest, our hair in the warm sand
watch the clouds come to life
count the colors of the rainbow
in the setting sun
then sleep under the stars
that wink and giggle at our dreams

Copyright © David 2005 All rights reserved

Sacred Memory

Long have I betrayed you my Mother
my shame hangs upon my shoulders
the yoke of a thousand troubled souls
I was schooled in ignorance and destruction
I followed the path of injury
now my tears fall like a summer storm
upon the arid land of my neglect

I feel the pain I've caused
has awakened me to an earlier day
For many winters ago
I walked in your grace
I nurtured your sacred grounds
Was that a dream?
Or is this the age of illusion?

Oh Mother Earth
restore my memory
of the sacred ways
I loved and cared for you
Weave my soul through the fabric of time
bring your ways back to me
that I may walk in beauty again
and ensure your gifts
for generations unborn

Copyright © David 2005 All rights reserved


With every day
we don't communicate
we silently drift into the fog

Once, we wrote the story
the creation of our hearts
as none had been written before
Now fear holds the pen
doubt etches deep in the brow
the anxious terror of undoing, unknowing

I have feelings to share
they lie below these words
awkward and frightening
they are the rose petals
scorched in a heartless desert
But the delicate bud has not died
I will shed
this shell of calloused skin
and let it fall away
let bloom the radiant heart

We have the courage
deep inside
to express our pains
express our fears
release the haunting demons
even if the words
are staggered, broken, filled with tears
we release the pain
of now, of the past
we tear away
the webs that blind the eyes
and bind the heart

So will you speak with me
will you cry with me

will you break free of the past with me?

Copyright © David 2005 All rights reserved

Look in your Eyes

I look in your eyes
they shine
with your passion for life
precious jewels of jade
lush with vitality
rich in the moisture
of eternal mountain forests
They sparkle like the stars
on a cool clear winter night
bright as the full moon
deep as the endless horizon
windows of the heaven within your soul

I look in your eyes
and I hear the slow echo
of every breath drawn within me
I feel the waves of joy
the colors of sunsets and rainbows
The breath that leaves me
weaves itself through hopes and dreams
to dance to the music of the night

Time slides into surreal slowness
where there is only now
I feel
I hear every beat of my heart
my lifeblood coursing through my flesh
flowing through the river of time
in native rhythms
drumming in my ears
the calls of my soul to the heavens

I know not
if my heart will race away with desire
or hold fast in anticipation
I only know this feeling
of being so alive
when I look in your eyes

Copyright © David 2005 All rights reserved

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